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COMUS MARINE® - Le concentré de performance

For more than 50 years, PLASTICOQUE® – France’s no. 1 marine paints brand – has combined technology and know-how to fully satisfy water sport professionals as well as seasoned sailors.

PLASTICOQUE® currently boasts the most comprehensive marine range, for the protection and maintenance of all types of boats: wood, aluminium, steel, polyester. It also provides users with the best colour selection.

For even more clarity on the quality of our products and innovations, PLASTICOQUE® becomes COMUS MARINE®.

COMUS MARINE® is so far the only brand of marine paints, able to offer you a complete cycle of protection in aqueous phase. Our 1.2.3 range consists of a universal primary PLASTIPRIM'O, a universal under layer PLASTICOAT and a finishing  PLASTILAQUE 180 or 127. These 3 products are applicable in all type of boat hull. 3 products to solve all your problems paint preserving the environment and reducing your inventory, it is the innovation that we bring you to prepare the future.


Combining high technology and tradition, COMUS MARINE® is the only range offering the most traditional products – based on linseed oil – as well as the most efficient – EPOXY and POLYURETHANES – to protect the most modern supports.

With its constant concern for the environment and human health, COMUS MARINE® is currently the only marine range providing full water soluble single-pack as well as two-pack paint systems.




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